11 grudnia 2010

New language new thing

This time I want to present you my new, handmade grey cardigan

I made it from Smyrna Gold yarn and i used 8 skeins of this yarn. I mixed two skeins together to have it much chanky.

I was inspired by one "kuduja" from Tallin. I found this project in kuduja.blogspot.com .All of her things are very extraordinary. I always admire her projects an her own creations. Besides she is using many interesting and nice lace patterns.Take a look and admire yourself.

I decided to use english instead polish beacouse of my problem with comunication in english.I`m afraid of using this language and i have to find any solution.I always worry that i`ll make many, many stupid mistakes but now... i don`t care. I have to fight with my weakness. I thing it`s good idea but... i beg your pardon, forgive me .. i`m not able to write in english without mistakes . I do all my best.
Some more picture of my sweater:

8 komentarzy:

  1. wow,piękny!!! taki delikatny i zwiewny,padłam:)

  2. Bardzo piękny! Thank you for picking up my design! It looks lovely on you.

  3. Your sweater is beautiful! And your English is just fine! Thank you for writing in it!

  4. Fajny blog, śliczny sweter.
    Ale.....pisz po polsku, dla znających inne niż angielski, takie też są.....
    Pozdrawiam, Elka znad morza

  5. You did such a nice job on this pretty sweater. Your English is very understandable! And besides that, knitting is a universal language, any little language errors are not a problem. :)

  6. You really make beautiful things! My compliment. I can understand your English perfectly.
    Anna from The Netherlands

  7. no need to be shy about your English, in fact I would encourage you to use it and it will get even better. You've made some very beautiful things! I love the cardigan!