11 grudnia 2010

New language new thing

This time I want to present you my new, handmade grey cardigan

I made it from Smyrna Gold yarn and i used 8 skeins of this yarn. I mixed two skeins together to have it much chanky.

I was inspired by one "kuduja" from Tallin. I found this project in kuduja.blogspot.com .All of her things are very extraordinary. I always admire her projects an her own creations. Besides she is using many interesting and nice lace patterns.Take a look and admire yourself.

I decided to use english instead polish beacouse of my problem with comunication in english.I`m afraid of using this language and i have to find any solution.I always worry that i`ll make many, many stupid mistakes but now... i don`t care. I have to fight with my weakness. I thing it`s good idea but... i beg your pardon, forgive me .. i`m not able to write in english without mistakes . I do all my best.
Some more picture of my sweater: